List of hotkeys

Little description:

As for developer there is a reason to split global hotkeys and content-aware hotkeys. They will have different implementation, so we need a place to check is any conflicts between hotkeys. Also in the future this will be part of user documentation.

Global hotkeys

Hotkey Action
Ctrl+N New
Ctrl+O Open
Ctrl+S Save
Shift+Ctrl+S Save as…
Ctrl+I Import
F11 Preview
F9 Render
Ctrl+W Close document
Ctrl+Q Quit
` Maximize active window

Local hotkeys

Hotkey Action
  • Navigation inside tree window
  • Move object (Animation window)
Space Start/Stop animation (All windows except input edits)

P.S. Note about markdown. That is strange, because CommonMarkup renders this text correctly, but Spinx is not. Will try to check this later.