Getting Started

When applying for a Google Summer of Code grant to work with the Synfig, your application must follow our application template below (much of which we have borrowed from the Blender Foundation, with gratitude).

Before applying, please check with our ideas page for our requirements for acceptance.

Also, please make sure to read the following tips:

Application FAQs

Q: What will most help my odds of acceptance?

A: There are a number of things you can do to help your odds

  1. A quality proposal - a well thought out proposal that shows you understand what you want to do and have reasonable expectations about what can be accomplished in the time you will have available.

  2. Show evidence of past experience or achievements related to the proposal.

  3. We require you to have 1-2 useful contributions to Synfig before the program starts - this show that you can successfully read, edit, and compile our code.

  4. Discuss your application with us and get some feedback. The best way to do so is to open an issue on GitHub with description of your proposal (make sure to specify in title that is is GSoC-related).

Q: Is there some place that tells me the process of compiling Synfig?

A: See this documentation.

Q: Where can I learn basics of Synfig’s functionality?

A: We recommend to become familiar with existing Synfig functionality before you start any coding. You can start with beginner’s tutorials. Also, you can request a free access to our video training course, which allow you to grab all basicsin the shortest time. Just mail us via contact page letting us know that you are aspiring GSoC student - and we will send you a link for free access.

After watching the course we recommend to get familiar with Synfig’s code by reading this page.

Application Template


Please provide your full name

Email / Social / Web

Where can we contact you? If you have a web page you’d like us to know about, please include it. Make sure to mention your Facebook, Twitter or other identities.


A short description of your planned GSoC project.


Describe how your project will benefit Synfig. Will it benefit artists using Synfig? Will it be an aid for future Synfig development?


Provide a user-level summary of the final output or results of your project. How does it integrate in Synfig, and how does it cooperate with the rest of Synfig’s features? Note that end-user documentation should be one of the deliverables as well.

Project Details

A more detailed description.

Project Schedule

How long will the project take? When can you begin work? Include an estimated timeline of the project with mini-milestones. Do you have any possible school or work conflicts with your schedule?

Short Bio

Please let us know who are you, what are you studying (and where), and what activities do you enjoy? What is your experience using Synfig or animation or other computer graphics programs? What code development projects you’ve participated in? What makes you the best person to work on this project? If you have any history submitting bug fixes or patches to our issue tracker at GitHub, please indicate what you have done.