Ideas List

This year we plan to apply to Google Summer of Code. Currently we are looking for project ideas. If you are a contributor, you are welcome to explore existing project ideas towards the GSoC application phase. There are ways to reach out to mentors, and many projects have lists of newcomer friendly issues you can start from. Contributors are also welcome to propose their own project ideas.

Projects Ideas

Automated release notes generator and packaging script fixes (175 or 350 hrs)

Description: We use Conventional commits ( for git commits, so we can automatically split messages into groups (bug fixes, features, etc.)

  • Add script which extract git messages starting from start_commit_id to commit_id (this can be achieved by using formatted git log output)

  • Group these messages by type and output them in HTML/markdown format

  • Add this script to CI pipeline (so it will show to user how it changes final changelog) (optional)

AppImage bundler: We are currently using AppImage to prepare bundle for Linux, but we are using AppImage 1.0 which is outdated and needs to be updated.

  • Write a script for packaging AppImage (there are ready-made scripts for packaging AppImage, but you need to check if they work correctly)

Debian package and Flatpak package

  • Write a script for automated Debian and Flatpak packages (Optional)

Where to begin:

Try extracting a list of messages from the git log output using the following requirements:

    1. Extract only merge commits or direct commits

    1. Extract Pull Request id from this commits

    1. Extract Pull Request description using Github API (this is necessary because PR may contain images and extended information)

Expected outcome:

175 hours

  • Changelog file can be generated automatically

350 hours

  • AppImage bundle can be generated automatically

  • Debian and Flatpak packages can be generated automatically (optional)

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Skills required/preferred: Python/C++

Possible mentor(s): Ayush Chamoli, Rodolfo Ribeiro Gomes

Expected size of project: 175 or 350 hours

macOS app bundle (175 or 350 hrs)


We are currently using a script to create a macOS app bundle, but it has some issues. Generation takes a long time (could be greatly improved), it uses incorrect paths in some places and does not sign files.

Requirements: macOS or access to macOS command-line (so you can test your script)

  • add script/program to collect executable/library dependencies (python/c++ preferred) to folder

  • add support for signing binary files (this should be done in reverse order, files without dependencies should be signed first, should be signed last)

  • remove the macOS launcher script, add the code to set up the required macOS environment from the synfig/synfigstudio apps

  • add cpack support to build installer on macOS

  • add python and lxml packaging to .app (with signing))

  • interface/menu improvements for more native macOS support

Where to begin:

  • create prototype script/program to collect executable/library dependencies

Expected outcome:

175 hours

  • CMake/CPack builds ready for distribution

350 hours

  • Synfig Studio is better adopted to macOS guidelines

Difficulty: Medium

Skills required/preferred: Python/C++

Possible mentor(s): Dhairya Bahl, Rodolfo Ribeiro Gomes

Expected size of project: 175 or 350 hours

Plugin manager dialog (175 or 350 hrs)

Description: A dialog for management of Synfig Studio plugins and Synfig modules. The dialog would show the currently supported plugin/module metadata and allow user to:

  • uninstall it

  • open its folder in the default OS file manager

  • install a plugin from a zip package already stored in local machine

  • maybe browse/download from a (future) online plugin repository (maybe a dedicated service or a special session from Synfig forums or even a git server)

Expected outcome:

175 hours

  • Users could easily list, install and uninstall plugins and modules they downloaded from Internet.

350 hours

  • Plugin repository

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Skills required/preferred: C++, gtkmm

Possible mentor(s): Rodolfo Ribeiro Gomes, Mohamed Adhamc

Expected size of project: 175 or 350 hours

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