Setting up Netbeans IDE for Synfig Development


  1. Clone synfig repo

  2. Execute 1-setup-<your-os>.sh script to install build tools and dependencies

  3. Install Oracle’s Java 8 or Open JDK v8


TL;DR You can also refer to this video tutorial ->


The Apache Netbeans IDE is recommended for Synfig Studio development. The Installer automatically prepares the IDE so that it comes with all required plug-ins, the correct workspace encoding settings, pre-configured code formatters and more. Simply follow these steps:

  • Download the Netbeans Installer.

  • Launch the Netbeans IDE and go to tools -> plugins.

  • Go to Settings tab and enable Netbeans 8.2 plugins portal:

  • Go to Available plugins and click on check for newest.

  • Now select and install C/C++ plugin:


Setup New Synfig Project

IDE Installation is now completed so let’s configure our new synfig project.

  • Click file -> new project

  • Select C/C++ and C/C++ Project with Existing Source:

  • Select your synfig source file directory

  • Under Select configuration mode select custom and press next:

  • Click next and skip the Pre Build Action(do not check any option).

  • Under Build Action uncheck the clean and build after finish and click next:

  • Now click next on step 5 and step 6 without making any changes.

  • Click finish:


Setting up make configuration

Now we will configure make settings for our synfig project.

  • Right click on project(Synfig) and select properties:

  • Under Build -> make section change Build result so that it points to “_debug/build/bin/synfigstudio”:

  • Press apply and ok.

Yay! your Netbeans IDE is now configured and you can use all the functionalities including debugging etc.